Naked Rhythm's music is an exotic blend of world music and electronica or electronic dance music. It can also be called World Electronica and has elements of Middle-Eastern techno, Asian techno, World music, house music, down-tempo chill or lounge music, and hip-hop. We fuse music of the Middle-East, Indian music, Brazilian and latin music with electronic dance beats and grooves and synthesizers. The music is eclectic and crosses many borders and styles. Unlike most Middle-Eastern techno or Asian techno or world electronica Naked Rhythm's sound is very exotic while still retaining commercial appeal for Western listeners. World music with a hip, urban twist!

Naked Rhythm produces and records exotic world electronica (fusion of world music & dance music), specializing in Middle-Eastern techno, Indian lounge (Asian techno), Brazilian and latin house, etc.
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Naked Rhythm, best dance party band in Los Angeles!
Naked Rhythm Bio  
Naked Rhythm produces and performs an exotic and accessible brand of world electronica. House, lounge, breaks, and hints of techno and hip-hop combine with sounds of the Middle-East, India, and Brazil to create a sound so hip and fresh that it has caught the attention of Sting and has been licensed to over 10 compilations including
Buddha Bar vol IX.
Middle-Eastern techno, Asian techno, world electronica music

"A great musical journey."
- Sting

"Naked Rhythm is globalization at its most positive...a vibrant tapestry that inter-connects the world's music and rhythms in ways previously unimaginable."

"The prevailing urge upon hearing what tag-team producers Avi Sills and Alex Spurkel have hatched is to dance."
- Los Angeles Times

"Naked Rhythm is the percussion equivalent of Carlos Santana...Listening to their brand of music is a life-changing experience and should be enjoyed by all."
- Music Connection Magazine

"The music kicks some serious ass...tempos, instrumentation, vocals are all impeccable."

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Sari Sky [MP3]
(lo 64k / hi 128k)
Style: Indian Vocal House (Asian techno)
Album: Frequency
Shisha [MP3] Style: Arabian Tribal-Tech (Middle Eastern techno)
Album: Frequency, Electric Oasis
Samba Bionic [MP3]
(lo 64k / hi 128k)
Style: Brazilian Samba Vocal House
Album: Frequency
Babylon [MP3]
(lo 64k / hi 128k)
Style: Hip-Hop/Middle-Eastern
     featuring Brutha Los from Company Of Prophets
Album: Frequency
Deep Lotus [MP3] Style: Indian Breakbeat (Asian techno)
Album: Frequency
Sandstorm [MP3] Style: Middle-Eastern Techno
Album: Frequency, Electric Oasis
Gypsy Lounge [MP3] Style: Vibey smooth Latin house
Album: Frequency
Sundinaya [MP3] Style: Sexy Indian/Arab vocal lounge
Album: Frequency
Mirage [MP3] Style: Middle-Eastern Techno
Album: Frequency, Electric Oasis
Gypsy Majik [MP3]
(lo 64k / hi 128k)
Style: Vocal remix of Gypsy Lounge
   featuring CC White on vocals
Album: Frequency
Moon Over Ala Nar [MP3]
Style: Remix of Arabic classic (Middle Eastern Techno)
Album: Frequency, Electric Oasis
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