Naked Rhythm, best dance party band in Los Angeles!

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Frequency is a great musical journey.

Naked Rhythm is globalization at its most positive, with the core duo of Alex Spurkel and Avi Sills enlisting the assistance of a multi-national, multi-ethnic, and multi- confessional group of vocalists and musicians. The result is Frequency, the group's debut album, a phenomenally diffuse set... The genius is that Naked Rhythm doesn't fuse these myriad styles into an amorphous, generic world blob of a sound, but instead highlight their individuality, weaving each discrete one in and out of their songs, creating a vibrant tapestry that inter-connects the world's music and rhythms in ways previously unimaginable. A fabulous set, and an enthralling ride across the planet.

Worlds may not exactly collide on "Frequency," the new album by the world music/electronica duo Naked Rhythm, but they sure do get together, hip to hip, body to body. In fact, the prevailing urge upon hearing what tag-team producers Avi Sills and Alex Spurkel have hatched is to dance.
- Los Angeles Times

Naked Rhythm is the percussion equivalent of Carlos Santana, combining a multitude of percussion instruments with guest musicians to produce the appropriate sound for each particular piece of music. Their music is tasty, sweet and both relaxing and stimulating, the perfect background soundtrack for life.
[At their recent live show,] Naked Rhythm played world music that made you want to dance, and the packed standing room only crowd was happy to comply.
Naked Rhythm’s music is a living, breathing organism that enters your soul and sets your spirit free to dance and experience. Sills and Spurkel have truly written the soundtrack to life. Listening to their brand of music is a life-changing experience and should be enjoyed by all.
- Music Connection Magazine

The whole album possesses a sensual feel and even though the tracks vary in style, this album is a great joy to listen to in its complete form.
- Groove Radio

This is one of those rare electronica CD’s in which the music kicks some serious ass and could’ve sold just as well without the sinuous hips on the cover...tempos, instrumentation, vocals are all impeccable...If you’re in the lookout for a solid electronica CD to refresh your collection, you should seriously consider Frequency.

Particularly likely to appeal to those drawn to deep, layered percussion and rhythmic constructs, Naked Rhythm's debut is a compelling cultural blend with multi-genre appeal. Electronic enough to please the club crowd yet likely organic enough to attract even world music purists, Frequency accomplishes a remarkable stylistic union while maintaining accessibility and some measure of mainstream marketability, making it an album whose appeal may have nearly the range of the music contained within.
- Grave Concerns

I was recently turned on to a CD that I cannot resist sharing with The Liquid Muse Community. Drums, sitars, hip-hop beats, jazz and electronics blend into a house – lounge – dance mix that I feel compelled to listen to, like, practically every day.
- The Liquid Muse

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