Naked Rhythm would like to thank you for visiting! In addition to being the best Los Angeles dance party band we are recording an album of world music/world electronica fusion, including Asian techno and lounge, Middle-Eastern techno and lounge, Brazilian techno and latin lounge, a lot like Buddha Bar music. Actually, we have a track on the new Buddha Bar IX, so if you like Buddha Bar music then you will probably like Naked Rhythm too.
Here is another way of putting it:
Naked Rhythm is a unique and exotic blend of World music and electronica that ranges from downtempo/lounge to up tempo dance, much like Buddha Bar music. Unlike your formula pop or boring cover band, we combine the excitement and sophistication of a live world music ensemble with the dance floor energy of a cutting edge DJ-and deliver it with genuine heart!
Our show features blistering live percussion, belly dancers and video projections, and is perfect for hip entertainment industry and corporate events as well as upscale weddings and private parties. Our recent show with Ravin of Buddha Bar also fetured several guest artists. If you or anyone in your network are planning an event and are in need of superb dance music with an exotic flare, vibrant energy, and an unforgettable live show look no further than Naked Rhythm. Click here for Los Angeles entertainment booking, and Los Angeles dance party band Naked Rhythm!
Naked Rhythm (studio and live band) plays exotic world electronica, Middle-Eastern techno, Asian techno, and Brazilian/latin ranging from smooth groovy lounge to up tempo dance floor pleasers!
Naked Rhythm, best dance party band in Los Angeles!
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Best Los Angeles Dance Party Band, Naked Rhythm,
"Naked Rhythm's 'Frequency' is a great musical journey!"  - Sting
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The Latest on Naked Rhythm Los Angeles dance party band highlights

9/24/2016 (Sat)
Naked Rhythm plays
LIVE daytime show at...
Irvine Global Village Fesitval

5:00pm (Kia Soul Stage)


Naked Rhythm at Virgin Unite fundraiser

Naked Rhythm with Richard Branson Naked Rhythm provided all of the entertainment at a recent star-studded gala to benefit Eve and Richard Branson's Morroccan children's fund.
We featured our 10-piece NR World Orchestra, belly dancers, live visuals, and shared the stage with the likes of Jewel and Mariel Hemingway. What a great way to raise money for a good cause!

Avi & Alex of Naked Rhythm with Sir Richard Branson

Naked Rhythm on Buddha Bar IX

Buddha Bar IX Naked Rhythm is proud to announce the inclusion of Gypsy Majik on Buddha Bar vol 9!
Compiled and mixed by Ravin, these legendary compilations sparked off a global interest in world electronica 10 years ago with Buddha Bar I. They have since sold over 10 million CDs and Naked Rhythm is honored to have been selected one of their best volumes to date!

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Alex & Avi of Naked Rhythm with StingNaked Rhythm plays
again at Sting's house!

After hearing Frequency Sting invited Naked Rhythm to play at his house for his daughter's birthday party--and the house was rocked! (check out the video)


Click to buy! Naked Rhythm is proud to announce the World-wide release of their first full-length CD Frequency on Caravan Records! FREQUENCY was inspired by a love for World music, a close community of extraordinarily talented musicians, and the joy of dancing all night long under the stars. The album is a combination of dance remixes of traditional music and original tracks that draw from a wide range of World influences, including Middle-Eastern, Indian, Latin, and Brazilian. The sound ranges from high-energy house and techno to downtempo breakbeats, hip-hop and lounge. Against a dense backdrop of hand-woven rhythm, uncompromisingly sexy melodies and vocals take listeners on a musical journey.

CLICK HERE to hear samples, and buy it online!
Download it on iTunes

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